Engaging new talent in the air cargo industry – CharterSync catches up with Martyna Rosak and Louis Hicks


At CharterSync, we’ve long been committed to creating more opportunities for young people to enter the air cargo industry. It’s a commitment that stems from our co-founder Ed Gillett’s frustration at the limited focus on the air cargo sector he experienced during his Air Transport Management degree and the challenges posed by entering the industry as a graduate. As such, we want to redress the balance by ensuring CharterSync plays a role in inspiring the next generation to consider a career in air cargo.

This has culminated in a collaboration with Coventry University, which began in 2020. Kicking off with an annual guest lecture presented by CharterSync, the collaboration has recently been extended with the launch of our 12-month university placement scheme, which will provide a student with the opportunity to gain a broad understanding of air cargo operations during a year’s placement at CharterSync.

The scheme’s inaugural student, Martyna Rosak, is currently reading a BSc in Aviation Management at Coventry University. Meanwhile, our close partnership with Coventry University has also recently resulted in us hiring a graduate in Aviation Management, Louis Hicks, as a Junior Charter Sales Executive.

Left to right: Ed Gillett, Martyna Rosak, Louis Hicks, Simon Watson

Here, we catch up with Martyna and Louis to discuss how they first became interested in the air cargo sector and their experience at CharterSync so far…

What attracted you to a career in air cargo?

Louis: I initially became interested in air cargo at university. A module called ‘airport operations – passenger, cargo and airfield’ briefly introduced air cargo operations and piqued my initial curiosity. This was followed by Ed Gillett giving a lecture that provided an overview of what CharterSync offers and the role of a charter broker. I knew I wanted to join CharterSync from this moment, having been really impressed by Ed and Simon’s work ethic and plans for the business moving forward. I was subsequently fortunate enough to secure an opportunity to join the team in a trainee sales role!        

Martyna: I have been interested in logistics for some time, but it wasn’t until Ed Gillett and Rudi Jones attended my university to give a presentation that my interest in air cargo developed. Prior to the presentation, I hadn’t heard much about air cargo charter companies. Getting the chance to speak to both Ed and Rudi and seeing their enthusiasm for the sector really motivated me to want to find out more.

Junior Charter Sales Executive: Louis Hicks

What does being placed at CharterSync mean for your career development/ongoing studies?

Louis: I’ve been lucky to join CharterSync at a great time. The business is still relatively new, which means there is room for considerable progression within the company. It’s also been really rewarding to apply the knowledge I gained at university to my day-to-day work at CharterSync.

Martyna: My placement at CharterSync is a great opportunity to broaden my skill set and gain extensive experience in how an air cargo charter company works. I’m grateful to have been given the opportunity to see how different areas of the company work together, from operations to sales and marketing. This will prove valuable during my final year dissertation project.

Creating opportunities: Placement student, Martyna Rosa

What do you like about CharterSync as a company?

Louis: Having grown up in South Wales, I was initially daunted by the move to London. But, the team at CharterSync made me feel welcome from the very first day! It’s also rewarding to work for a business that has revolutionised the air cargo industry by creating a digital platform that has transformed how customers send time-critical air cargo charter requests.

Martyna: There are many reasons why I really like CharterSync, but one of the main reasons is the team’s passion and enthusiasm, which they demonstrate in their work every day. You can see that these people love what they do. I have always wanted to work alongside like-minded and passionate people. I also really like the company culture – I’ve stayed in touch with Ed ever since his presentation and he was helpful throughout the whole application process when I mentioned my interest in the placement here. Also, both Simon and Ed, as well as the rest of the team, are very genuine and understanding and are always willing to help me with any questions I have in order to support me in my development. While I’m still relatively new here, I could see myself working for CharterSync in the future once I graduate.

Our 2023 placement scheme will be open to second-year university students reading relevant courses at UK higher education institutions, and we’re already accepting applications from now until 31st December 2022!

Please see the role description and apply here: https://chartersync.com/vacancies/12-month-university-placement/

If you’re interested in learning more about how CharterSync can help you, get in touch!

Our friendly, world-class sales and operations team are on hand 24/7 to offer round-the-clock support.

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