Heavy and Oversized Cargo

Let us lighten the load – Meet your deadlines with CharterSync’s air cargo charter solutions for heavy and outsized cargo, offering you peace of mind that your cargo shipment will be delivered safely, and on time. Our specialist, expert team is on hand 24/7 to help you throughout your journey, ensuring you have the logistical support to move heavy cargo safely and efficiently.

Strategic thinking

Outsized cargo requires detailed planning. CharterSync provides a wide range of air charter solutions for the transportation of heavy cargo and oversized items, such as aircraft engines, vehicles, oil and gas equipment and dangerous goods.

From Antonov AN-124s to Boeing 747Fs, we offer a range of aircraft services for heavy and oversized cargo, such as:

  • Rear-loading freighters
  • Nose-loading freighters
  • Ramp-loading aircraft
  • Aircraft with onboard cranes

Suitability put first

Your account manager will be on hand to assist you with load planning, ensuring the most suitable aircraft is selected, recommend packaging materials, and collaborate with you on a detailed plan on how the cargo will load into the aircraft.

Why use CharterSync for your heavy and oversized air cargo charters?


24/7 support

Collaborate with our expert team, who are always on hand to provide end-to-end support of your time-critical shipments


Cost efficiency

Our team understand the pressures of time-critical shipments and works with you to ensure you always receive a cost-effective solution for your needs


Going global

We work with airlines across the globe to ensure that no matter where you are, or where your cargo needs to go, we have the power to assist you.


Aircraft choice

With thousands of aircraft available at our fingertips, we’re sure we’ll always secure the right one for your charter


Speedy service

Our state-of-the-art technology, combined with our team of charter experts, means you’ll have a wide range of charter options delivered to you within minutes of your request.


The Antonov An-225 Mriya currently holds the title of the world’s largest cargo aircraft. The Ukrainian cargo aircraft is powered by six turbofan engines and has 16 pairs of landing gear wheels.

Items surpassing weight and/or dimension restrictions are referred to as heavy cargo. Individual cargo items that are too large or heavy to fit on a pallet or in the lower compartments are referred to as outsized cargo.

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