How Important is Air Cargo?


In the last few years, demand and reliance on air cargo grew dramatically. Augmented by the COVID-19 pandemic, it offers a fast, efficient and reliant mode of transport for many organisations to use.

Benefits of Air Cargo

Air cargo plays a critical role in the supply chain of various products from automotive components to life-saving pharmaceuticals to fast fashion. Charter flight transportation is worth over $6 trillion USD annually. It is no surprise that it is an enabler of growth for many countries and their economies. 

It allows nations to connect to markets and supply chains far away and overseas. This leads to the long-term performance of the wider economy through the enhancement of the overall productivity in those countries. 

With businesses being able to rely on air transport, shipping times are reduced and firms can lower prices for the public. This is something which would not be possible solely with maritime or road travel shipments. 

Moreover, it helps overcome many hurdles which are encountered by other modes of transport, and/or shipping, such as risk of major delays e.g. being stuck in traffic, port congestion or difficult terrain.

Air Cargo’s speed and reliability make it an attractive option for many firms needing quick and efficient transportation.

How does air cargo differentiate from other transport modes?

As with every option, airborne freight has its benefits and drawbacks. 

Yes, conveying air cargo is not the cheapest form of transport. Yet its benefits are favoured among businesses operating in time-critical and built-to-order productions. Both of these rely on fast transit times.

Air freight provides a safer method for transporting high-value goods than sea or road freight. It is the best option when temperature conditions must be strictly monitored, as is the case with vaccines or perishable goods. The vaccines carried on commercial flights save an estimated 2.5 million lives each year, according to the World Health Organisation.

Companies using air freight can effectively track their shipments, allowing companies to visually follow the real-time location of their shipment. With this advantage, firms can also offer more secure transportation for their clients, as each movement of air cargo is overseen and fewer individuals come into contact with it.

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