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Don’t get left behind when choosing your next charter flight provider

CharterSync connects freight forwarders and airlines across the world. Our world-class technology allows the shipper, the carrier, and everyone involved to have a full end-to-end overview of the entire supply chain process, whilst accelerating the air cargo charter process by offering almost instant quotes from across the global freight market.

Our system connects directly with live flight planning data to allow you to view your flight in real-time at every stage.

All of your charter quotes are easily visible on your dashboard, allowing for easy comparison between operators.

Our expert charter team is available 24/7 to help with your urgent air cargo charter demands.

CharterSync provides the fastest air cargo charter quotes in the industry, allowing you to choose from a variety of options within minutes.

We have access to a wide range of aircraft equipped to handle oversized shipments, dangerous goods and service remote locations.

Why use CharterSync for your air cargo charter services?


Expert team

Our team of charter experts are available to you around the clock to assist you at every step of the way.


Time-saving technology

Options in a matter of minutes – allowing you to stay ahead of the competition, and get your flights departing on time.


Efficient and Effortless

Simply get in touch and we’ll get you all set up, quickly and seamlessly. You can use CharterSync immediately after.


Active tracking

Our active flight dashboard enables you to locate all information related to your flight when you need it; including live updates and tracking your flight in real time.


Communication, your way

Prefer an email? Phone call? Text message? Choose to work the way that suits you.


Paperless systems

More secure than paper! Sign your contracts from any device, saving you time and money, – and making signing more secure.


No, we also offer part charter solutions. Our cutting-edge technology connects your cargo with other shipments to share cargo capacity.

Our quoted price will include loading and unloading the aircraft, ground handling, fuel and crew, as a minimum. Full details of what inclusions/exclusions apply will vary from charter to charter. Please check your contract for the full details.

CharterSync carryout a stringent due diligence process on all operators to ensure that they exceed our quality assurance compliance guidelines, including safety, financial health, and quality assurance. This ranges from vetting airline documentation such as aircraft insurance certificates, air operator certificates, and airworthiness.

Your account manager will be in touch throughout your request, and their details will be available on your active flight dashboard. Alternatively, they can still be reached via email or phone and will always be happy to hear from you.

Yes! You can track your flight through your active flight dashboard, including real-time aircraft tracking, available to share directly with your clients with personalised branding.

CharterSync will work closely with the carriers in order to ensure permit applications are processed as quickly as possible to ensure there are no unnecessary delays.

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