Finding Suitable Cargo Aircraft

We have access to a wide range of aircraft equipped to handle cargo of any size and weight, from oversized shipments to dangerous goods to remote locations – CharterSync is here to help.

Suited to your needs

When you submit your charter request via CharterSync, our technology analyses the size and weight of your cargo to send your request to operators with aircraft able to handle your shipment.

You then receive quotes only from those able to carry your cargo and charter your flight – no wasted time or disappointment.

Your flight, your choice

Once operators send back a quote, you will see it live on your CharterSync dashboard, along with key information related to your flight. This includes:

  • Departure and arrival airports and time
  • Any time that is taken to position the aircraft at your chosen departure point
  • Crew rest times and availability
  • Flight times and routes

Based on this information, you can then select the aircraft of your choice, and begin getting ready for take off.

We also offer part charter solutions. So, if a smaller shipment matches with another charter already operating to and from your departure and arrival locations, our cutting-edge technology connects your cargo with other shipments to share capacity.

Why use CharterSync for your air cargo charter services?


Expert team

Our team of charter experts are available to you around the clock to assist you at every step of the way.


Time-saving technology

Options in a matter of minutes – allowing you to stay ahead of the competition and get your flights departing on time.


Efficient and Effortless

Simply get in touch, and we’ll get you all set up, quickly and seamlessly. You can use CharterSync immediately after.


No more paper!

More secure than paper! Sign your contracts from any device, saving you time and money, and making the agreement process more secure.


Active flight management

Our active flight dashboard enables you to locate all information related to your flight when you need it, including live updates and real-time tracking of your flight.


Communication, your way

Prefer an email? Phone call? Text message? Choose to work the way that suits you.

Get a quote. Fast.

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