Terms & Conditions

Terms of use of CharterSync services

CharterSync Ltd operates as an agent for the arrangement of cargo carriage by carriers, on behalf of its freight forwarder or charterer clients. CharterSync’s portal allows for clients to make requests for charter arrangements, using CharterSync as a form of digital broker.

A client may register as a client with CharterSync, appointing CharterSync as its agent to act on its behalf in securing contracts for carriage of air cargo with Carriers. If a client wishes to do this, then the client will enter into a Cargo Aircraft Charter Agreement, to govern the overall relationship between the client and CharterSync. This Agreement does the following:

  • Appoints CharterSync as the client’s agent for the purposes of arranging contracts for carriage for Cargo, each such request forming an individual contract for the carriage of Cargo, as detailed in a Schedule to the Agreement which details the Cargo for carriage, weight, departure and arrival destinations, dates, Charter Price, etc.
  • A request can be made by the client for an air cargo carriage arrangement either through the CharterSync portal, or via email to CharterSync. The CharterSync service team then searches the market and brokers the arrangements between the client and the carrier, to offer an air cargo carriage arrangement to the client. The CharterSync service team will send available options to the client, for the client to then confirm what charter arrangements it wishes to put in place, which CharterSync shall then arrange with the carrier on behalf of the client (having authority to sign contracts for carriage with Carriers on behalf of the client, to
    ensure a smooth contractual process for arranging air cargo carriage for the client’s Cargo.
  • CharterSync will arrange for the contract for carriage on behalf of the client based on the Carrier’s General Conditions of Carriage and will agree terms relating to price, payment and cancellation terms with a Carrier, on the client’s behalf.
    CharterSync shall be entitled to an agency fee for arranging the contract for carriage on behalf of the client, which it shall be entitled to deduct from the Charter Price before all payments are sent on to the Carrier by CharterSync, following payment from the client in accordance with the agreed payment terms in the Agreement.
  • CharterSync will not be a party to the contract for carriage and, as detailed in the above paragraph, will arrange for the client to contract directly with the Carrier. If there are any issues relating to the contract of carriage, these need to be resolved between the Carrier and the client directly, although CharterSync does have a Complaints and Disputes Policy to aid this process, which should be followed by all parties.

CharterSync Limited
June 2022