Active flight management

Our active flight dashboard enables you to locate all information related to your flight when you need it, including live updates and real-time flight tracking.

Real-time aircraft tracking

Our technology connects directly with live flight data and allows your personalised account dashboard to showcase real-time tracking and visibility of your aircraft at all times. We enable you to watch your aircraft position into your departure airport, track it in flight, and see it descend for landing.

Your dashboard also allows you to keep an eye on your schedule. So if there are delays due to weather or wind speed, or your charter takes off ahead of schedule, you’re updated as it happens. There’s no chasing or waiting for phone calls for movement messages.

Everything all in one place

CharterSync’s active flight management system provides you with one convenient location to store all of your air cargo charter flight documents, including your contracting details, permits and any other necessary information.

Should your charter request have a series of flights within your booking, your dashboard lets you conveniently view them all in one place, rather than flicking between browser pages, saving you time and making the process more effortless and efficient.

Your personalised CharterSync dashboard also allows you to access ground handling information at both ends of your flight, meaning you know who is with your cargo.

Personalised to you

Our system allows you to create a personalised dashboard, including live aircraft tracking, with your unique branding on it, to share with your clients.

Live flight tracking for your air charter cargo booking

Why use CharterSync for your cargo aircraft charters?


Communication, your way

Prefer an email? Phone call? Text message? Choose to work the way that suits you.


Going global

We work with airlines across the globe to ensure that we have the expertise and knowledge to assist you no matter where you are or where your cargo needs to go.


Access to more airports

We have the ability to reach under-serviced locations, enabling you to deliver your cargo to its final destination, no matter where it needs to be.


Efficient and effortless

Simply get in touch, and we’ll get you all set up, quickly and seamlessly. You can use CharterSync immediately after.


Paperless systems!

More secure than paper! Sign your contracts from any device, saving you time and money, – and making the agreement process more secure.


Time-saving technology

Options in a matter of minutes allow you to stay ahead of the competition and get your flights departing straight away.

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