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Aviation enthusiasts and CharterSync co-founders and directors, Ed Gillett and Simon Watson, first met in 2015 when they joined a leading international airline to pursue their lifelong ambitions of training to become commercial pilots.

Ed Gillett first discovered a gap in the market for a digital air cargo charter service solution in 2012 after joining an air cargo charter brokerage and realising the booking process for air charters was inefficient, outdated and time-consuming. During this time, he started considering the concept of streamlining the charter booking process, resolving these issues, and making the whole process simpler, easier and more efficient for freight forwarders and operators.

Rooted in Aviation, Driven by Innovation

It was after meeting Simon Watson, who came from an already successful digital business background of developing apps and technologies, the idea took off.

After obtaining their full commercial pilot licences and working as pilots for separate flagship British carriers, they started researching the possibility of launching a digital air cargo charter brokerage. They began working closely and extensively with freight forwarders, charter flight specialists, and air freight companies. Their goal? To ensure their offering would not only need clients’ needs but exceed them, to make the charter booking process faster and more efficient for everyone in the supply chain.

By 2017, the initial technology behind CharterSync had been developed, and the business launched at Air Cargo Europe in Munich in June 2019.

From Strength to Strength

With the assurance that the CharterSync team provides unmatched, world-class customer care and assistance around the clock, we empower customers to take direct control of their air cargo charter bookings and be involved in the process from charter booking to flight landing.

Since the launch, CharterSync has developed into a partner of choice for many of the world’s leading cargo airline operators and freight forwarders, enabling them to achieve unrivalled efficiency, transparency and ease throughout the supply chain.

CharterSync have significantly grown the team, and now have teams in areas including sales, product, customer success, finance and HR.

An updated version of CharterSync, tailored to global customers and based on current client feedback, rolled out in May 2022. This version allows freight forwarders to search for any charter aircraft available across the globe with the best charter options provided in minutes. “Big data” generated by the platform allows CharterSync to offer unique insights to customers, such as critical data on trade lanes, helping airlines make decisions about positioning and locating aircraft and providing customers with new features and products.

Our ethos of openness, transparency, innovation and outstanding customer service runs through all areas of our operations. We are constantly looking at improving our product offering to increase our customers’ charter experience.

Simon Watson, Director and Co-Founder



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