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CharterSync is an air cargo charter services specialist, equipped with the skills and knowledge to assist you with all of your air cargo charter needs. Our expert team analyse payload and cargo size, timeline, routing options and cargo type to find the most suitable aircraft and departure and arrival airports for your request.

Nothing we can’t handle

We provide 24/7 support, with the ability to charter time-critical flights, heavy and oversized cargo, dangerous goods and assist with AOG situations.

We will work closely with the carriers to ensure permit applications are processed as quickly as possible. We ensure there are no unnecessary delays, and your flight has a smooth operation.

Whatever your air charter needs are, our team are here to help you find the best solution, in the fastest amount of time possible.

Speedy and reliable charters for grounded aircraft, ensuring you’re back in the skies as soon as possible.

Our expert team is fully equipped with the latest guidelines to assist you with regulations, requirements and restrictions when transporting your cargo.

Our advanced technology enables us to book charters based on your complex load, considering size, weight and end location, and providing you with the most suitable aircraft for your request.

We have experience assisting with charter flights to hard-to-reach locations. No matter where your cargo needs to be, we’ll help get it there.

Our team is available 24/7 to help with your urgent air cargo charter demands.

Why use CharterSync for your cargo aircraft charters?


Expert team

Our charter experts are available to you around the clock to assist you at every step of the way with your charter request.


Efficient and effortless

Simply get in touch, and we’ll set you up quickly and seamlessly. You can use CharterSync immediately after.


Time-saving technology

Options in a matter of minutes – allowing you to stay ahead of the competition and get your flights departing on time.


Access to more airports

We can reach under-serviced locations, enabling you to deliver your cargo to its final destination, no matter where it needs to be.


Choice of aircraft

Our technology finds you the most suitable aircraft for your charter. With thousands of aircraft available to us, we’re sure we’ll always secure the right one for you.


Paperless systems

More secure than paper! Sign your contracts from any device, saving you time and money, – and making the contracting process more secure.


An air cargo charter flight is an unscheduled flight that is not part of a regular airline route. When you charter a plane, you rent the entire aircraft and can determine departure and arrival locations and times.

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No, we also offer part charter solutions. Our cutting-edge technology connects your cargo with other shipments to share cargo capacity.

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