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The words “airfreight” and “digitalisation” have not often appeared in the same sentence – until recently, that is… But why – in an era of apps and new technology – has the industry been so slow to embrace digital transformation? Is it a fear of taking risks? Complacency? Concerns about the time needed to integrate the software?  

Real digital transformation isn’t really about software or technology — it’s about organisational adaptability. About making your organisation more nimble, more efficient, more cost-effective…

COVID-19 and the need for swift technology change

The unholy scramble caused by COVID-19 has perhaps been the impetus for the cultural change the freight industry needed, demonstrating once and for all the value of embracing the latest technology and innovation. We have all witnessed the supply/demand imbalance over the last year with cargo aircraft, and the increasing need for freight forwarders of all sizes and shapes to build “charter” firmly into their air freight procurement strategies.  

Any freight forwarder who has ever been obliged to ring round multiple airlines in a desperate bid to find the most competitive quote can attest that manual processes are singularly inefficient. Add time pressures to the mix and you are almost certainly not going to be sourcing the optimum solution. Just how many airlines can you physically call in 10 minutes? Can you be confident that you are being offered the best option? Is that really the best price?

Digital. Painless. Transparent.

Consider a world where all of this and more can be done differently. Digitally. Painlessly. Transparently. In a matter of minutes. Digitisation doesn’t have to be daunting, and it doesn’t need to take hours to integrate: you simply plug & play! Today’s technology allows you to take care of the procurement process with a simple swipe of a thumb or the click of a mouse. Digital solutions put the client firmly in the driver’s (or should that be pilot’s) seat – letting them decide if they want the fastest solution, or perhaps a slower but more cost-effective solution…. 

Now more than ever, it is time to leave the analogue world behind, free yourselves from outdated, manual solutions, and embrace the digital shift change.

To learn more about how CharterSync can help you kick start your digital transformation journey, get in touch! Our friendly, world-class sales and operations team are on hand 24/7 to offer round the clock support.

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