What is CharterSync?

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CharterSync delivers first of its kind technology to enable freight forwarders and aircraft operators to achieve unrivalled efficiency and transparency in the supply chain.

CharterSync combines state of the art aircraft tracking technology with sophisticated aircraft performance algorithms to create a pioneering air cargo charter platform. The technology powering CharterSync provides unparalleled visibility to the cargo charter market. This makes it the only tool in the world that can locate and calculate suitable aircraft for immediate charters in a matter of minutes.

Air Cargo Week

CharterSync performs 250th outbound China flight with COVID-19 supplies

29th March 2022

The Stat Trade Times

CharterSync appoints Andy Evans as non-executive director

22nd March 2022

Air Cargo Week

CharterSync appoints Andy Evans as non-executive director

16th March 2022

Air Cargo News

CharterSync reports rising demand in 2021

14th February 2022

Air Cargo Week

Strong start to 2022 for CharterSync

08th February 2022

Fifty Sky Shades

CharterSync eyes global expansion after record 2021 charter growth

05th February 2022

Air Cargo Week

Logistics UK names CharterSync as Air Business of the Year

22nd December 2021

Air Cargo News

CharterSync scoops logistic award

14th December 2021

Air Cargo Week

CharterSync: a complete rewrite from the ground up in 2022

13th December 2021

Logistics Manager

SCEA 2021 Winner – ‘Supply Chain Operations – Best Use of Technology’

11th November 2021

Air Cargo Week

Jones joins CharterSync

10th June 2021

Air Cargo News

CharterSync appoints Jones into sales team

09th June 2021

BDO's plugd:in

Talking investment with Simon, co-founder of CharterSync

08th June 2021

Air Cargo News

CharterSync reports January boost due to EU-UK flight permit issues

23rd February 2021

Air Cargo Week

CharterSync go from strength to strength

11th January 2021

BBC News

Air charter firms see demand surge as companies bid to beat blockages

22nd December 2020

Air Cargo News

Air cargo success at the Logistics UK Awards

13th November 2020

Neutral Air Partner

CharterSync. Chartering with a purpose

01st May 2020

Air Cargo Week

CharterSync’s Rollercoaster Year

27th April 2020

The Stat Trade Times

CharterSync leading relief charters entering Italy

27th April 2020

Air Cargo Week

The future has arrived!

17th February 2020

Air Cargo News

CharterSync reaches 100 aircraft milestone

23rd January 2020

The Stat Trade Times

CharterSync establishes active cargo aircraft operator network

21st January 2020

Air Cargo News

CharterSync in the big league with first An-124 freighter move

29th October 2019

Air Cargo World

CharterSync’s first trading week totals 16 completed charters

31st July 2019

Air Cargo News

CharterSync hails success of new online platform

30th July 2019

Air Cargo Week

CharterSync’s first trading week is an outstanding success

29th June 2019

Air Cargo Week

CharterSync Interview – Air Cargo Europe 2019

27th June 2019

Lloyd's Loading List

CharterSync launches online quotation tool for air cargo charter market

11th June 2019

Cargo Forwarder Global

New Platform Facilitates Go-Now Charter Booking

09th June 2019

Freight Waves

CharterSync brings visibility into time-critical air cargo booking operations

06th June 2019

The Load Star

New technology set to disrupt air charter brokers

05th June 2019

Yahoo! Finance

CharterSync Brings Visibility Into Time-Critical Air Cargo Booking Operations

05th June 2019

Air Cargo News

New cargo charter platform set for Air Cargo Europe launch

04th June 2019

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